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see, he's got green eyes in the manga and blue in the anime. get it now?

swoon...*eyes glaze over* See this loverly human being? Well, he's not really a human. Not exactly. His name is Artemis, and you probably know him as the wise cracking, smart aleck white cat who follows Luna and Minako around. Artemis is by far one of the coolest characters in the whole series. He's first introduced in Code Name wa Sailor V. His mission, to train Sailor V to defeat the Dark Agency. Minako shows she ain't just another pretty face by calling him on his feminine name. (for those who STILL don't know, Artemis was the Greek Goddess associated with the moon. However she wasn't the goddess of the moon per se.) His first appearance in the Anime is episode #33 when Venus appears as well.

Artemis is a faithful sidekick and devoted friend. He's in love with Luna, and while she flirts madly with others all the time *coughyatencough*, Artemis is always there for her, even waiting in the cold for her to return in the Sailor Moon S movie. Awww...

Even when he teases Minako, and it's often, it's obvious that he would, and has, laid down his life for her. He gives Venus her powerups, talks to her, cheers her up, and even brings her flowers once in awhile. He's probably her best friend in both the Manga and Anime versions of Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon.

what the HECK is he doing? Going back and proving that Artemis is in luuuuuuv with Luna, SailorMoon SuperS brings us the oh so adorable Diana, Artemis and Luna's daughter from the future. As the series continues, the manga brings us the most wonderful pictures of artemis one can imagine. Artemis as a human. Take a gander at the picture above. Is he not gorgeous? Of course he is, fools. Unfortunetly the kitty family is injured so much so that they cannae speak, and then are killed (but we all know that they come back when Usagi rules over Crystal Tokyo!) by Sailor Tin Nyanko. The evil lil... I won't go there. But how did he get to be a human? Simple my silly little friends. Artemis and Luna are from the planet Mau, but when they went to Queen Serenity's Royal Court, I *think* they were turned to cats. AT any rate, they were cats the whole time in the Anime, and made oh soooo cute humans in the Manga. >^.^<
In closing, I would like to say that Artemis is more than a witty one liner type of cat, he's caring, sensitive, AND funny as hell. He's part of the comic relief in Sailor Moon, and in the oh so evil DiC dub, one of the more lovable characters, despite the fact that it sounds like he's in luv with an old granny. *coughrobbingthecradlecough*

arty enjoying himself

Wanna see Arty in action on your very own tv?
Episode 79: Artemis no bouken! Ma no doubutsu oukoku
Poor arty just wants to prove to Luna, Usagi, and everyone else that he's a real hero... but it doesn't exactly work out as planned ^^;; This is the ep where Mako-chan is reminded of a past love.. by a dog. *grins*
Episode 133: Artemis no Uwaki? Nazono Koneko Toujou
Loved by all Diana lovers, the introduction of Diana, the cute lil gray kitten. Poor arty gets so abused in this episode.. First Luna thinks he's got a crush on a nun, and then she thinks he fooled around on her (but she doesn't acknowledge that she likes him.. weird) and had a kitten! And even Minako is angry because he kept a secret from her. It is funny to see him confess to things and her reaction. *giggles*

If you would like to see some Artemis pictures, please, follow me.

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